Friday, July 09, 2010

Team LeBron Knows How To Destroy, Too

Based on public / media reaction to the management of the 7/8/10 ESPN LeBron announcement -

a] No one should EVER hire those advisors for anything.
b] Only BP thinks LeBron did a great job handling things!
c] Toyota sends cards of sympathy [feel your pain] / thank you [for keeping us out of news] to LeBron.

Think hard and study close how this was handled, as it is textbook detachment of public perception vs personal myopia. This was more than a sporting debacle, it became a textbook brand-destruction lesson / travesty.

Unless the goal IS for LeBron to be the new 'BadBoy' brand.

PS - ESPN is doing to sport what MTV did to music, Food Network did to food, SpeedTV did to racing. Can't anyone stay true to the passion?