Monday, March 28, 2005

Beware! Rookie at the Keyboard

So, here we go. first attempt at blogging.

Patience, please, as this could be a painful learning process.

From school study to sports, to dating, to work, I repeatedly discover I am no "Roy Hobbs" when it comes to mastering skills [eg- "The Natural" Robert Roy A show of hands, please, on how many readers I already lost with my first cross-reference].

But, eventually I got good enough to get by..........Blogging?
We shall see.

PDCABlog is intended to create a dialog with those of you attuned to the world of sales, marketing, and business management........

* to share insights into what is right and what is wrong with today's approach to running the sales and marketing "assembly plant" and getting customers to listen and act.

* to build a network of knowledge, people, and shared opinions.

* and to introduce to you opportunities as they are introduced to me.

In my work with PDCA Inc. [], I also deal with corporate partnership search and executive search. We can include those topics in the discourse, as well.

So, let's see what happens next.............Thanks for visiting and, hopefully, participating.