Saturday, May 08, 2010

Neo Enters The Matrix

“Are YOU the one?”

Guess that’s what GM Pres - Mark Reuss, CEO - Ed Whitacre, and every US taxpayer is asking about Marketing Maverick - Joel Ewanick entering the GM Matrix.

Are 'you' the one to save the company and our investment?
Many comments about this move, eg -
Here, Here, and Here.

As per
April Auto Sales Reports, GM success lags behind the comp [and the 20% Industry gain]. Sales by brand, Cadillac / Buick exceeded Ind. avg., Chevy / GMC did not [mis-typed April 09 Bowtie #, BTW]. And the GM 'DeadToMe' brands ARE hurting the mth-to-mth %'s, as GM is not replacing those losses.

So, with Joel Ewanick, here is a move to recraft newGM. As a veteran of my own attempts to storm the defenses of oldGM, I wonder if Joel’s first meeting will go something like

And I am raising my hand, right now.
Having met Joel in Hyundai meetings - Having my own unfinished biz with GM - Mr. E, I would like to help you make something good happen for newGM.
Just offering.

Remember, even Neo couldn't get it done alone.
But, being honest, I'm more of a 'Tank / Dozer' team member, not your 'Trinity'.
For a host of reasons!