Friday, March 19, 2010

Less Is More? Less is Less!

So, wait a minute. The Internet, the source of knowledge / the home of deeper information search is now accepted by clients and their agencies ONLY as the domain of short-from video........?
While Television, the creator of 'short-attention spans' across the globe, is where brands see long-form video storytelling as better?

So sayeth the quoted in this NY Times story.
This can't be about Internet bandwidth, as aren't we @ 75% of US Households already with broadband and the US trailing other global markets that are faster streamers than we?  Or is this, once again, traditional thinking clinging to the traditional TV model -

* Agency bottom-lines [making $ producing spots AND buying media].
* Clients still thinking 'most eyeballs = more TV spending'.

I'm all for the continued convergence of media[s], but, I'm watching this [not TV] and wondering what's really at the bottom of the thinking.