Saturday, February 09, 2013

Racing Is Not Boring

In 2012, provided me the opportunity to share my take on motorsport with.....The World, I guess.  The show, called /ShakeDown, ran every Monday / Friday. Every Friday in 2013 and the 1st four months of 2014.

One example being THIS video, telling the story of the Spa 24hr GT3 endurance race.  

/ShakeDown and the /DRIVE channel began with our video from the Nurburgring 24hr race

In total, we did 149 shows, all found on the /ShakeDownPlayList.

* Plus, a few live announcing gigs for the Race of Champions and the Le Mans 24 big events.  

Through it all, we did our best to cut beyond the classic motorsport PR spew and the typical perceptions of auto racing. To be authentic.

Racing [and the way Mom and Dad raised me] challenges you to always strive to be better the next time, the next lap, and [for me] the next Leo Parente show.  

Spa, the video - this video, feels good to me when measured that way.  Please see if it works for you, too.  Enjoy and thanks.

PS - Now /DRIVE has changed their model and we think its best to look for a new Media Home and new Sponsors to help produce and distribute our shows. Any thoughts or interest would be greatly appreciated.

* FYI - Pages 5 and 6 here outline our Thoughts, Experiences, and Direction.