Friday, December 26, 2008

Sales Racer

Any time client talk turns to SALES, I am reminded of 2 lessons I learned from my experiences in auto racing.

1] To really go fast, you get the car do most of the work.
Translation - The driver, alone, can only do so much. The tools [the car] and techniques [the set-up] need to be in play. Hard driving [only] can't supplant great equipment and technology. In SALES, the same is true - [The best available] Process, Product, and Sales Support Mechanisms get you 'on track' for success.

2] The driver can't just be a long for the ride, either.
Translation - At some point in time, in the race and in SALES, you have to just 'go for it'. Bravery, Conviction, Tenacity, Fight, and more [you will hear the 'B' reference below] will win the day.

Here was my Lesson 1.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How My Mind Works for the Holidays


Pace [Italiano / pronunciation- 'pah - tchay']


Whatever brings a smile to your face this season....

Best wishes and good hopes for 2009.

MY wish is to do a better job of catching up with more friends and business associates in the New Year than I did in '08.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MY Fifteen Minutes....

OMG, someone gave me an open microphone!

....and then they did it again!

But, jokes on you Mr. Warhol. When I do the time-code math on both episodes, I'm already into 'bonus zone' with my 26 minutes, 50 seconds......

And that ain't even counting my camera time as a 8-year-old, tap dancing on Boston TV's "Star of the Day" talent show in the 19.....60's! PS- I wasn't the star that day...........or any other.

BTW- The Garage 419 team makes it easy. They laugh at my jokes and think I actually know something [Thanks Matt / Gene / JF / and the rest......]. So, make sure to check out their other episodes.

UPDATE - Got a recurring gig here. Think we are up to 6 or 7 appearances! Just Google Video me [Sorry to admit I DO....] and chuckle / cringe at the screen. Most recent show.

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Guess We're Calling Honda

Now that HUMMER seems about to be hit with the 'Oldsmobile' scepter over @ GM, I guess those lucky dealers that invested millions in new facilities based on the factory's 'request', are forced to look @ their options.

[From any 'H' Dealer's ToDo list]

Today's phone calls -

* My lawyer
* Honda
* Hyundai
* Haggen Daaz
* Hertz
* Hallmark Cards
* Holiday Inn [the 'satellite store' concept for hotels]
* Home Depot [.......'Express'. Sell them on new concept]
* H&R Block [memo to self; call sign guy- get price on an 'R']
* Hobby Town [smaller cars, bigger margins]
* Harrah's [...hey, the HUMMER deal was a gamble, too]