Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MY Fifteen Minutes....

OMG, someone gave me an open microphone!

....and then they did it again!

But, jokes on you Mr. Warhol. When I do the time-code math on both episodes, I'm already into 'bonus zone' with my 26 minutes, 50 seconds......

And that ain't even counting my camera time as a 8-year-old, tap dancing on Boston TV's "Star of the Day" talent show in the 19.....60's! PS- I wasn't the star that day...........or any other.

BTW- The Garage 419 team makes it easy. They laugh at my jokes and think I actually know something [Thanks Matt / Gene / JF / and the rest......]. So, make sure to check out their other episodes.

UPDATE - Got a recurring gig here. Think we are up to 6 or 7 appearances! Just Google Video me [Sorry to admit I DO....] and chuckle / cringe at the screen. Most recent show.