Monday, June 09, 2008

I Guess We're Calling Honda

Now that HUMMER seems about to be hit with the 'Oldsmobile' scepter over @ GM, I guess those lucky dealers that invested millions in new facilities based on the factory's 'request', are forced to look @ their options.

[From any 'H' Dealer's ToDo list]

Today's phone calls -

* My lawyer
* Honda
* Hyundai
* Haggen Daaz
* Hertz
* Hallmark Cards
* Holiday Inn [the 'satellite store' concept for hotels]
* Home Depot [.......'Express'. Sell them on new concept]
* H&R Block [memo to self; call sign guy- get price on an 'R']
* Hobby Town [smaller cars, bigger margins]
* Harrah's [...hey, the HUMMER deal was a gamble, too]