Saturday, February 28, 2015

PDCA Programs For 'Access And Opportunity' To Reach Active Customers

Attention CEO's and CMO's! You Sales Officers, too.
Isn't it all about accessing active engaged consumers, creating a great brand experience, and motivating sales?

Well, PDCA builds corporate partnerships that do just that.

In this case, with AUTOMOTIVE OEM's [the manufacturers]. Built around their Motorsport Marketing AND their Retail Marketing, too.

Now, before you run from this discourse based on your perceptions of auto racing sponsorship, please know this. PDCA does it all very differently, very effectively.
  • We use the ‘theme’ of motorsport to build B2B / B2C Sales, Team Spirit, Motivation, Loyalty, Team / Customer Retention, and Real Results.
WE use the core values of motorsport to align with the Sales and Marketing you need to do for your Brand, anyway.
  • We activate via Sales-driven EVENTS [Brand Experiences] and MEDIA [Social] away from the track [eg; the days / weeks between races], not just at the races.
  • Activation built for SALES / MARKETING of YOUR BRAND
  • Creating ACCESS / OPPORTUNITIES to customers you want
  • Via Deliverables that INCREASE SALES and LOYALTY
Structured with the priorities of CORPORATE MARKETING -
  • Marketing is a REVENUE-generator, not an Expense
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is key to Sales
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT is key to Loyalty / Retention
  • DIGITAL / SOCIAL MEDIA is a key point of customer contact
  • EXPERIENTIALS are a key part of brand engagement
Plus, PDCA builds every partnership with -
  • B2B / B2C SALES STRATEGIES to drive ROI even further
Just ask our most recent clients - Hertz and Porsche how it all works.
  • $$ Millions in new Sales, 75% increased Loyalty, 63% increased Sales, $$ Tens of Millions in annual Exposure, all with Double-Digit ROI. 
For all PDCA clients, to date - 
  • Over $420MM in New Business
  • Over $540MM in Marketing Value
Now is the time to plan.
Now is the time to ask PDCA what we can do for you.
Thanks for thinking about making the call to PDCA.

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