Monday, December 15, 2014

Motorsports Marketing, The PDCA Way

It's time for Brands to plan ahead - To evaluate your Marketing Plans. And, for the next seasons, PDCA wants you to look at Auto Racing Sponsorship. 

But, NOT the way you think you know Motorsport Marketing. 

Ours is NOT your typical 'Joyce Julius Exposure #'s' / 'Meet the Driver' sponsorship pitch.  Anything but.

Our programs are driven by Integration with Auto OEM Lifestyle Marketing beyond Motorsport, Big Social Media / Experiential Marketing, B2B / B2C Results, and more.

* The document above tells the story.

Motorsport Marketing is the most misunderstood sponsorship on the planet, thanks to incorrect perceptions and........previous program promises vs overpromised reality.
SO, please look at our approach.

Then, give me your #1 reason to NOT do a racing sponsorship / marketing program…… AND PDCA will show the off-setting reasons TO DO motorsport marketing the PDCA way.  
Heck, give me ALL your reasons. PDCA likes the challenge.
So, may we talk before you finalize your next year plans / budgets? Thanks.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

NOT Your Typical Racing Sponsorship Pitch

PDCA Inc. seeks Corporate Partners / Sponsors for its 2016 to 2018 Motorsport Marketing programs [US or Global or both].
The distinctive benefits of OUR program include -
1. AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURER [OEM] PARTNERSHIP - Motorsport Marketing, but also Beyond the Race Track via the OEM's other Media, Marketing, Retailing initiatives.
2. LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE PAVILION - Mobile Pop-up Experiences for Product Displays / Demos, Guest Hosting, Customer Events, Audience Interaction, Branding.
3. SOCIAL MEDIA / VIDEO PROGRAMMING - Branded Digital and Broadcast Content to extend the Sponsorship message into Media.
4. B2B / B2C CO-MARKETING COUNCIL - Collaboration with our other sponsors [eg; HERTZ, etc.] to create additional Sales and Marketing Opportunities.
5. YOUTH MARKETING PROGRAMS - Young Racer Scholarship and Young Adult Motivation Programs / PR Activation.
Motorsport Marketing is the most misunderstood sponsorship on the planet. We hear so many misperceptions and histories of bad execution. 

So, PDCA takes a different high-effect approach that has worked for its clients since 1997 -
  • Validation of a Relevant Fit to your Brand Image, Product Attributes, Audience.
  • Complete integration to YOUR Sales / Marketing objectives [vs racing's].
  • Focus on BizDev / Sales, Client / Customer Relationship-Building / Loyalty.
  • Emphasis on Lifestyle Experiences, Experiential Events, Social Media / Marketing.
  • B2B and B2C Sales Deliverables - To strengthen and build ROI.
  • Real ROI projections and Results-driven accountability.
  • Creative Activation, beyond typical thinking.
  • Sales / Marketing BEYOND the racetrack to maximize opportunities / results.
$2MM[ish] gets it all.
  • A smaller $ commitment still gets a strong list of benefits and ROI of 5 to 1 or greater!
Annual budgets are being planned. Your interest OR help with introductions, referrals, decisions would be appreciated [Intros / referrals will be rewarded].

Obviously, details and documents are available for meetings / discussion / customization.
Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.
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