Friday, November 24, 2006

You're Going to Need a Bigger Boat!

In my business growth consulting and executive search work, I sometimes come across a need to translate a given situation, problem, or opportunity into a discussion about adding to the organization the "tools" required to "get the job done right".

....And often the dialog starts with a fight for the status quo followed by a "negotiation" to accept the need for an investment in time, capital, and/or commitment to put an appropriate, but new strategy, tactic, or skilled professional into play.

Then, I find myself invoking a "work smarter, not harder" rant followed by the "horses for courses" diatribe, as I try to explain why more of the same will "sink success".

Is it a reticence to change? The comfort of old habits? A reluctance to spend? A disconnect between the goal and the reality needed to get there? My Joe Pesce "I amuse you?" delivery style?

Regardless of the reason........

If you need a bigger boat......You need a bigger boat!