Sunday, May 13, 2007

How a Decision Is Brought to Life

The success of any sales or marketing project starts with understanding how the consumer creates the action intended. How the decision gets made.

I suggest it starts with design, because-

Design = Expression.
Expression = Lifestyle.
Lifestyle = Customer Connection.
Connection = Influence.
Influence = Sales.

To me, decision criteria are prioritized in the consumers' mind like this-

1. Design [attracts my attention].
2. Fits my Need [confirmation].
3. Image Feel Connection [branding].
4. Fits my Life [real or intended].
5. Quality [acceptable to me].
6. Price [fits my wallet].
7. Value [fits my justifications].

The mind [even Abby Normal's] decides things this way.

You may see this is as the "nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind". But, "it's all written down in the notes! Now, tie off the kites and hurry down as fast as you can!"