Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Wish List

* To see the NE Patriots success spark companies [and clients] to realize that Process = Results. Focus, first, on perfecting the skills to do the task and the results will follow. [OMG, it's PDCA!]

* UPDATE- Or to see companies [and clients] embrace the NY Giants approach- 'Just do what we do best, stay calm, have fun, and believe in ourselves'. WOW [eg- It was awesome!].

* To help marketers BE better marketers, not just trend-chasers [eg- Can you say 'Second Life sponsorship' and NOT laugh? Can you help me understand how pouring free vodka at a bar IS 'Experiential Marketing' and NOT just another 'Happy Hour' drink-fest?].

* To find great partners for my current client projects-

* To meet new people / clients that stimulate new ideas / teach me new things.

* To prove that the simplest solution is the best.....for business operations mgt., profitability, and marketing.

* To speak less, but say more.

* To actually help bring sanity to the terms 'Marketing ROI' and 'Brand Integration'.

* To be happy, don't embarrass myself, and do something BIG!