Friday, October 23, 2009

Video Killed The Radio....And Now Cars!

We covered this before - Kuruma Banare - The declining interest in cars by young Japanese.

Toyota blames video games.
More comment on this

Really? Ask Subaru [WRX-STI], Mitsubishi [EVO], Mazda [MX3], Nissan [GT-R], and more who all successfully launched cars AND sales via getting the video car-boys enthralled / 'disciple-ed'.

But, what do I know.
The great Toyota can't be part of the problem, just like - it turns out, it's not GM
it's the agencies [for Cadillac and Chevy] that are the trouble.

I love the auto industry.
For the cars - For what it COULD be.
But [many times], NOT for what it IS.