Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger, S'miger. Got A Better Guy To Respect.

While Tiger Woods is busy running his National Tryst-a-thon campaign, a personal GM Escalade Cash-for-Clunkers program, and ruining his career....

While Obama's version of 'Change' seems to be simply changing into just another politician....

I got better guy that's earned my attention / respect -
Tony Dungy.

It's not the 'life coach' thing that 'wins the day', as admirable as all that IS. No, it's Tony's sense / consistency of Leadership, Integrity, and Approach that are the lessons for life.....and business.

For Tiger? MY advice? Simple - a] Keep your 'driver' in your bag for God's sake [ it for home-course play] and b] Call Tony to talk, listen, and learn.

Seems to me TD's the better 'Great Black Hope' [Too crass? Ha. Just sayin' what you're all thinking when you look at these guys.].