Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Let Me Keep It Simple - PDCA Opportunities

For the right corporate brands - business and / or lifestyle, PDCA has the following Motorsport Marketing opportunities available -

* Porsche Sports Car Racing and Brand Experiences
* Honda IndyCar / Indy 500 Experiences
* Acura [Penske] SportsCar Racing and Brand Experiences
* IMSA Series Marketing / Media / Race Tracks / Brand Experiences
* FIA Formula E New-Technology Racing and Brand Experiences

The Best Brands in US Racing. Auto Brands that embrace Motorsport Marketing Activation to their core. PDCA's ROI-driven Program Mgt. that delivers real Sales / Marketing.

But, the opportunities transcend racing.
And reach into and activate in the general B2C / B2B marketplace. 
Info is avail, but let's talk first, please. Thanks.