Monday, November 05, 2018

I'd Like To Offer My Services To You

PDCA Inc. is a Sales / Marketing, Process, Partnerships and Rainmaking consulting resource for corporations / small business / start-ups. Combining my corporate and entrepreneurial career experiences. PDCA Inc. is me.

I see where brands are headed. It reminds me of my past work creating solutions for the same situations. I'd be happy to share some of those thoughts.

PDCA Services -
* Business Growth consulting - Improve Strategies, Processes, Profits
* Sales / Marketing consulting - Increase Revenues and Branding
* Partnership search - Benefits via Business and Marketing Alliances
* Investment search - Growth Opportunities

Our Dr. W. Edwards Deming PDCA approach makes the work more effective, efficient, strategic.

My career is one of 'Front-of-Trend' experiences in Sales & Marketing Strategy, Branding, Partnerships / Sponsorships, Social Media, Lifestyle Marketing, Advertising, Loyalty / Affinity Programs, BizDev, and more. With results that drove revenues, sales, and ROI.

My management experience includes Corporate Plans / Programs / Budgets and Client / Agency Teams.

My 'Brand' is simple - Direct Talk / No BS, Thought-Driven / Relevant Results, Tenacity / Get the Job Done.

I am planning for 2019 as I imagine you are, too. An outside point-of-view often brings fresh ideas. I hope we can talk. Thanks.

Leo Parente

PS - I would also love to tell you about our new-for-2019 Young Hires Coaching Seminars - Real world advice via 1-mth / 4 courses and 1-on-1 mentoring, sharing practical knowledge to help young talent grow and contribute within a corporate setting.